Hello World!!!!

What’s goin on ppl….

As I write this, it is just south of 9 am central time. Our first book, The Left Side Poets Present: Strange Fruit has been available to the world for about 9 hours, and i am…(how should i put this)…numb. Until I hold the book in my hand (which the publisher is TRIPPIN for, since i ordered mine a week ago today) i think it won’t really hit me. But that’s not why i’m writing this, so….


Hey world! We would like to formally invite you to our collective home away from home. Since us Left Siders are ambitious young adults conquering various parts of the world, this is the place where you’d be most likely to catch all of us TOGETHER!!!! Kind of like our club house. Here, we’ll be posting our lives, hoping that you’ll think we’re interesting enough to check up on every once in a while, and even give us feedback. We’ll be posting poems, freewrites, videos, audio tracks, pics, and stuff that inspires us!!! Visit us often, as we’ll be posting often!

Thanks for visiting!!!!! After the first time, you’re no longer a guest since you know where the cups and plates are.


T. Odis



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