I’m going back to the shelf
Not because love is overrated
With its charms and schemes

I am in fact underrated.

Like artists who shed heart tissue
Blood beating through fingertips and vocal cords
Only to have a tone-deaf audience
Replacing authentic substance with artificial candy

Still lives:

Portraits of priority
Set in stone.

While I mold and
Sell soliloquies in stanzas
Sophistication meant for the ears of the elite
And the eyes of word connoisseurs

I refuse to forcefeed the masses.

I once lived among that crowd of
Suffering souls fooled into happiness
Through hypnotizing tunnel vision beats
Until the veil was lifted
And I craved complexity
In orchestrating layers
Taking my soul from a glimmer to a glow
Radiating riffs and runs
Meant for an extraordinary experience

I want to receive love
Through closed eyes
And open hearts.

So I let the beat rock androids
Bypass me for the amateurs
Because I’d rather wait for
My seasoned listener
To capture me.

~Shawnon aka Sublimess


About lovecrescendo

25. Published poet. Living in truth.
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