Something Old… Something Borrowed…

I used to have my own website. I thought it was pretty cool. However, I soon learned that managing your own site with little to no help is not as easy as one would think it to be. Sadly, I gave up on it. ::gasp:: What is that you say? You say that a person should never quit? Well, I say… BS. Sometimes you have to know your lane and stay in it. Anyway, I have some posts from that site really moved me… even after I wrote them. My absolute favorite is “Life’s a Bitch but I Love Her because the World is Mine”:

It’s really interesting to discover another person’s view on life. For me, it is even more fun to compare their views to their actual position in life. Is it me or aren’t the most negative people always making life THAT much harder? I’ve noticed that there are three main views that people tend to adopt: 1. Life sucks; 2. Life is amazing or 3. Life is what you make it. I believe that those three views are actually stages that we are meant to experience. Thus leading me to the title of the post Life’s A Bitch but I Love Her because the World is Mine“. It just so happens that some of my favorite artist each have a song describing how they feel about life. Nas ft. AZ, Blu, Wale and Donwill. Each poured their emotions onto a track at very different physical, mental and professional stages of their life. Whenever I start to feel sad, I head over to my itunes and start my “Life” playlist. It only contains four songs, but that’s more than enough. Trust me each track serves a purpose. Here is some insight:

The reality is that AZ was right when he said “Keeping it real, packing steel, getting high…Cause life’s a bitch and then you die“. Life can throw us a hell of a curve ball and all we can think about is an escape. How you escape is your business. Just remember certain escapes can put you in a position not to escape…from jail. But hey DO YOU!  Anyway, the same energy you are using to be constantly bitter while plotting how to give up is being misplaced and should be used for happier thoughts. Even Nas realized that the way he was thinking was holding him back. And that only took him a couple of bars in a verse to figure it out: “Now it’s all about cash in abundance, niggas I used to run with is rich or doing years in the hundreds. I switched my motto — instead of saying fuck tomorrow, that buck that bought a bottle could’ve struck the lotto”.

A while back I began to listen (repeatedly) to Donwill’s Love Life and I began to realize that he was on to something. He starts off the track with this line “God don’t give you nothing too heavy to carry and my life so beautiful, I think I want to marry it” It was a personal heartfelt love letter to life. How dope is that? Literally the whole track he is talking TO life. Reminding her (and himself) that she is worthy of our adoration with lines like “You caught a bad rap they aint know how to love you. But that’s ok I think the world of you“. In a brief twitter conversation, he stated to me that he wrote this song in direct response to Nas ft. AZ Life’s a Bitch. Nice! Life’s a Bitch is a necessary song in the history of hip hop, but this response is needed too. It’s unfair to assume that we all have the same plights. We don’t. So in some ways, we all can not relate to Nas and AZ. Donwill gave us a another platform. Some of my other favorite lines: “Life can be a bit much at times, but calling her a bitch, well that just aint right. … I’m Trying to show life I love her, I hope she sees the signs” and “I’d die without you babydoll”. When was the last time you really told yourself that you love life? Are you one of those people stuck with that “life sucks” mentality?

Next we have Blu. I LOVE Blu. “Below the Heavens” is seriously one of the best albums this decade. On The World Is Blu digs deep into his views on life in relation to his views on religion. Religion shapes us so much. From what we were taught to what we discover to finally what we chose to believe as adults. Nas gave a quick reference with this line “I woke up early on my born day, I’m twenty years of blessing. The essence of adolescent leaves my body now I’m fresh in. My physical frame is celebrated cause I made it. One quarter through life some Godly like thing created” but Blu took it to another level “I was trained to be a soldier for God. But as soon as I used my own thoughts I kinda got lost in this smog called reality. Where hell is a fallacy and Heaven is a fantasy created by man so don’t believe in it“. This song has too many dope lines for me to put here so I just recommend that you listen to it and draw your own conclusions. A few of my favorites: “Somebody once told me that I’m already in hell. Freedoms a state a mind. And just the heart of me’s in hell. I free my slave mind so a part of me’s in hell. And when it’s hard to breathe, a part of me inhale. So pardon me you gotta’ try hard to be yourself ‘Cause you can’t get to heaven being anybody else and “My people it’s time to rise. Realize it’s a heaven whether you think it’s inside or in the sky. Reach for it. Before it’s gone internally and you’re stuck here below the heavens for eternity“.

Lastly is my honey* Wale. On his older mixtape “Back to the Feature” he has a track called Life’s a Bitch with Talib Kweli and Joell Ortiz. I love his joyful sound and sense of humor when talking about life. “Life’s a Bitch, I put my arm on her shoulder. Tell her “I’m the realest” and “You go girl”. I embrace her, I never chase her. I make her chase me because of the way I chased her“. How can you argue with that statement?

So basically AZ was right again when he said “Even though, we know somehow we all gotta go, but as long as we leaving thieving we’ll be leaving with some kind of dough“. But I challenge you to only be a thief for happiness. No, don’t steal someone else’s joy but steal it from life because sometimes she tries to get the best of you. I guess Donwill can best sum up this post for me. Realizing that life is a process and not so much a hand of cards… well “That’s the hard part; finding beauty in the flaws and acceptance in your heart“.- Donwill

Give each of the tracks a listen and tell me what you think.

* I’ve received some backlash because I have recently become very vocal and harsh towards Wale. Here is the thing. I love his music and I think that he could go very far. However, I hate that he is always embracing the negativity that he receives. It seems as though he internalizes it too much and it shows. Once he lets go of the need to care what people have to say then maybe he will be thrive. Until then, he will continue to sound like a crybaby to me. Meh. Maybe Wale needs to read this post….



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One Response to Something Old… Something Borrowed…

  1. A very refreshing read, my fellow hip hop head…and on the real, your attitude defintely determines your altitude. ithink that if ppl realized this, they’d understand that WE control our quality of life. Life deals us cards, you gotta put your poker fac eon and know how to play them boys. Me being religious, i read the bible and feel like i got a cheat sheet to life…

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