Milieu-Media; Great Wall of China Oust Alejandro

Albuquerque, N.M. – All American products and necessities are generally speaking, made in China. So where should the American government expect to get the most effective technology for national boarder security? China, of course. Congress has struck a deal with China that will allow the American military to import the Great Wall of China to America. The historical wall will be placed on the Mexico-America border to stop illegal immigration. A small section of the wall will be placed 600 miles off the coast of Florida to prevent Cubans from coming over in their renovated GMC truck rafts.

When asked how the government will decide which individuals of Latino decent will have to be rounded up and taken back over the boarder, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell  R-Ky held up a brown paper bag.

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About svelvetnoose

S. Velvet Noose, born Stefano S. Patton, is a literary and film artist. His work is perverse, challenging, and provocative. As a Gay-African American, Noose writes un-apologetically, often taking multiple genres and forms of writing to construct new literary art. His genres of writing include satire, gender performance/studies, and grim fantasy. His influences range from Paul Laurence Dunbar, James Weldon Johnson, Langston Hughes, Spike Lee, Grace Jones, Thomas Glave, Octavia Butler and Adrienne Kennedy.
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