So here’s a freshly pressed poem that stemmed from a few lines in my journal. Thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Somewhere between sleep and consciousness
You stagger
Yet hanging on to my presence
Like a writer desperately clinging
To inspiration

Your words sway and stumble
In a drunken splendor
Living in the moment
Then suddenly disappearing

I try to write it all down
To fill my memory banks

But your running water
My Fingertips.

I’m left with your impression
In the tattered film rolls of my mind
Skipping scenes
Yet tying the common thread together:

(The spark in my soul’s fire)
And I.
(The stream of your subconsciousness)


About lovecrescendo

25. Published poet. Living in truth.
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2 Responses to Stream

  1. Kim says:

    I love your words. YOU use them some diligently. You are a great person and a super writer. words sometimes can’t merely describe how your words make me feel. Keep up the good work. You have my support totally.

  2. Apyphanie says:

    Very vivid and beautiful metaphors.. This poem was a true writers dream. It oozed creativity!

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