Sartorial Sounds

THIS ISH RIGHT HERE IS AN ARTIST’S WET DREAM. A room filled with young, bright, talented (in their own right), respected (in their chosen crafts), rising artists, who are all coming together to feed off each other’s energy and create something amazing. Enter Sartorial Sounds, a collective of poets, vocalists, musicians and engineers who are DOPE. Now many of these artists are already accomplished in their own realms (Joshua Bennett is spoken word royalty, Melo-X is known for re-mixing great music, and Jesse Boykins III is a nomadic musical beast), but when their powers combine, it is nothing short of amazing. This takes me back to Left Side’s writing sessions, where we would cook up new concepts and spit our hearts out amongst ourselves (much of the book’s work was conceived during these sessions). As a member of an artistic collective, I can definitely appreciate when talented artists come together and create. Check out this group of super friends here, and below is a short film documenting an interesting take on Andre 3000’s Take Off Your Cool.″>Street Etiquette-Sartorial Sounds from”>LightUp Film on Vimeo.


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One Response to Sartorial Sounds

  1. QuoteKey says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! I might be one of the biggest Melo-X fans out there. 🙂

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