4 Should Really Bey 2

Unless your name is Patrick and your house is under a rock at the bottom of the ocean…. You have heard, seen, talked about, debated, hate and/or love the new Beyoncé album. Let’s be real here… 4 is easily one of her best albums released. Now, I am not talking about chart positions, singles released and concert sales. We have to wait a full 18 months to really use those statistics and even so…. her last two albums probably would prove me wrong. Rather I am talking about pure emotion, content and SANGING in her albums. I stand behind this next statement and will not retract it for anything…. Until “4” dropped, Beyoncé has not released a great album since “Dangerously in Love”. Yea, I said it. Now what.

I look at people with a ::cold stare:: when they try to defend “B’Day” and “I AM”. While both of those albums gave us AMAZING concerts (she is the Queen), cool dance moves, club bangers, courage to push our honies to the left… and then demand them to “put a ring on it” (._.) at the end of the day…. it was just blah. There wasn’t any substance. Just money making and creating songs based off of someone else’s emotions. I know that last sentence might have confused you but hear me out. When you listen to “Dangerously in Love” and “4” you get a more personal vibe. You feel as though Beyoncé is singing about HER life and YOU can relate. The other two albums… I felt the exact opposite. I felt like she just singing what she assumes happens to other people. You know damn well she didn’t push Jay to the left. Meh. Oh don’t get me started on the ideological fallacies found in her second and third album. That is another post all together. That’s just my opinion.

I know I may sound like Lucifer himself, but I always felt like “B’Day” and “I AM” did exactly what they were supposed to do… elevate her to the top of the top. Great business move Beyoncé. I respect it. HOWEVER, I feel like “4” gave us a more intimate look into Beyoncé and who she is now just like “Dangerously in Love” did for Beyoncé and who she was then. For 2 straight albums I missed that “Be with You” Beyoncé. That “Speechless” Beyoncé. She finally came back to us with tracks like “Rather Die Young”, “Dance for You” and “Start Over”. Again, I am not denying that the last two albums had some hits on there…. but overall both of those albums combined can not top the amazingness that is found on “Dangerously in Love” and “4”. From a business aspect I completely understand why the albums were structured and released in the way they were. It makes sense. It made her the icon she is now. Still, at the end of the day “4” should really be “2” because that is where it is ranked in regards to her best work.

The sophomore/junior album slump is real… but when you have a great team like Beyoncé, even your slump can be a success and your fans won’t even realize it. Well most of your fans… your true fans know you better and we thank you for that year off. ::praise dance break:: I can finally lay my Beyoncé album hatred to rest because she has given me something to sing praises about again. Thank you Beyoncé for “4” because I know you hated the last two albums just as much as I did. You don’t have to tell me… your face in your album covers did.



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One Response to 4 Should Really Bey 2

  1. lovelyiskey says:

    woah woah woah! I appreciate this so much! GET.IT.

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