#1 Untitled

Constructed by language at birth.
Black placed on the name tag.
Restricted from gyrating in bananas skirts and leaf headdresses.
Room is made on the name tag for ‘boy’.

The innate sound in nature propels his feet to shuffle
Back to sway
body to spin
heels knocking against each other
toes digging out ant mounds
his Black body unbalanced hurls itself against a tree
and a bird’s nest on a high branch falls.

Wounded, but Black boy in structure.
Ankles to calves to thighs to pelvis to collar bones to crown.
Name tag makes room for placement of name.
Language constructs Black boy
but as he stutters to say his name, he reclaims his structure.

I’m not sure if this a work in progress or just something I’m going to leave on the cutting room floor. I found it in my journal yesterday in between blank pages. I didn’t workshop this much. Let me know if you like it, maybe I’ll include it in an upcoming project.


About svelvetnoose

S. Velvet Noose, born Stefano S. Patton, is a literary and film artist. His work is perverse, challenging, and provocative. As a Gay-African American, Noose writes un-apologetically, often taking multiple genres and forms of writing to construct new literary art. His genres of writing include satire, gender performance/studies, and grim fantasy. His influences range from Paul Laurence Dunbar, James Weldon Johnson, Langston Hughes, Spike Lee, Grace Jones, Thomas Glave, Octavia Butler and Adrienne Kennedy.
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