My View from the Left Side: The Book Release According to SophiaB.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

Words can not express how I felt at The Left Side Poets Presents: Strange Fruit book release. It did not hit me until two nights prior to the release. As I sat in my room shooting texts back and forth Ron and praying that my dress fits that I started to get filled to the top on my head with butterflies. I spent the remainder of the night making sure my shoes matched, my accessories worked and planning which blush, bronzer and perfume to use. Yes, it was that nerve wrecking. I wanted to make sure I looked as presentable as possible because I was honored that our RSVPs doubled! All of sudden Saturday night was upon us. I was ready to puke. However, once I saw the Left Side Poets arrive, everything instantly felt better and I was ready to get the show on the road. The amount of love that was in Tabaq that night was just amazing. I am still processing it. I don’t know what else to say except… THANK YOU. To see a vision really come to fruition is a mental and physical high that I rarely get to experience. I am more motivated than ever.

(picture stolen from the beautiful and talented @BaldHeadQueen 🙂 )

Everyone that performed were beyond amazing. The singing, rapping and poetry just reminded me of my love for what we do. Our voices are important. Our guest poets and my fellow LSP family blew my mind away one by one. It is never easy to pour your heart out in front of friends… let alone strangers. I feel blessed to say that I was in their company that night. I also have to say that it was amazing to see how much LSP has grown over the years. Better writers, performers and overall everyone just looked amazing. We all had a glow about us. I was filled with emotions and overwhelmed with joy.

Of course I have to say thank you to a few special people:

Christina & Ron– You both are a blessing. You’re amazing and with out you both… we would not have had such an awesome event. Ron, you already know that I appreciate your life. All that you have done to ensure that we make this is a reality can never be repaid. You are the best! Seriously.

Left Side Poets– Seeing all of you on Saturday (Key, I felt your spirit lol) really gave me a boost that I needed. Life has been smacking us all around but on Saturday I realized that no matter what, I have you guys and just seeing you all do well… keeps me going. I loved how we all picked right up like it has not been YEARS!

Brittmama– Thanks for catching the train, riding the bus, bathing suit shopping, enduring potential homelessness, making sure I didn’t flip some tables, buying me a drank, crushing those sandwiches, getting lost in the massive hotel with the lobby on the “8th floor” that was really the first floor -_- and heading right back to NYC with me all in a 24 hr time span!!! Means the world to me. How could I ever repay you? #friendsforever Seriously, I am truly happy that you enjoyed your time with the Left Side Poets as much as I enjoyed you being there to share this moment with us. Enjoy the book and be inspired. 

I also have to truly thank everyone for coming out. I NEVER expected such a great turnout. But when you all started flowing in all I could do was smile. I tried to get around and say hello to everyone but if I missed you, please accept my apologies and I hope we can chat some time. I know it was hot in there but you stood through the heat for us and we are forever grateful. To be respected by so many people/artist/writers that I hold to such a high standard is enough to make me blush… and cry…. (but I won’t because real G’s don’t shed tears and we all know my G status is through the roof).

Oddly enough, I don’t have too much to say. I am still processing. My mind is running so fast with new ideas, new ventures, new collaborations that I want to embark on with LSP. I hope that you were encouraged to buy the book, share the book, buy the book, buy the book and buy that book. We are still #strugglingartist out here. July 9th, 2011 was one of the most memorable nights in my life. I can’t wait for the pics to be posted!!

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Dr. Seuss

A few last notes:

1. If you did buy the book, please write a review on amazon, on your blog, on your twitter… whatever!!! Help us get the word out.

2. Buy the book. If you were at the release, you know first hand the amount of amazing poetry that is found within those pages. You can purchase the book by clicking HERE.

3. We are still working on making Strange Fruit available as an e-book.

4. Tell a friend…. to tell a friend to support us!! Please and Thank You!

5. Please support all of the Left Side Poets in their individual endeavors as well. Terry and Noose have a lot of great stuff going on and I am sure you will enjoy it.

Again, thank you all for the support and I look forward to giving you more Left Side Poets material in the NEAR future.



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