The Luckey Star; Beyonce, Lady Gaga Politics

There are adolescent and grown ass Black men that worship at the altar of Lady Creole, but she hasn’t done much to improve their lives. Granted she has given gays plenty of break-up songs to help them get over the man that has done them wrong, but no matter what anyone says, love is not all there is. The LGBT community needs full citizenship and citizen protection in America and only one of these divas is about the business of getting that done.

And herein lies the racism that plagues the LGBT community. It is not often racism is discussed outside of the hetero-normative, but it thrives in the LGBT community as well and the Beyoncé-Lady Gaga dichotomy is a perfect illustration of the divide.

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About svelvetnoose

S. Velvet Noose, born Stefano S. Patton, is a literary and film artist. His work is perverse, challenging, and provocative. As a Gay-African American, Noose writes un-apologetically, often taking multiple genres and forms of writing to construct new literary art. His genres of writing include satire, gender performance/studies, and grim fantasy. His influences range from Paul Laurence Dunbar, James Weldon Johnson, Langston Hughes, Spike Lee, Grace Jones, Thomas Glave, Octavia Butler and Adrienne Kennedy.
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