Standing by your side

Dev & Dan

Well I must say, the book release in DC was so surreal! I can’t thank all of you who came out enough. It was truly great. I was happy to see old and new faces. But it was one face I was happy to see the most. My lady’s. So as most of you that attended would knows, my girl accompanied me to DC for the book release. Most would think “That’s great but whats the big deal?”

Well the big deal was when the show was done and we were meeting our guest I asked her to come over. She calmly leaned over to ask what was the matter. I said, “Nothing. I just didn’t want to leave you over there by yourself.” And then she replied, “Babe, this is your night. I don’t wanna be that woman who is all up under her man, not letting him have his space.” It was at this moment I cracked a smile, thanked her, and gave her a slight pat on the butt to show my gratitude.

It my dating past it was hard to find a woman who does this. Some women smother the hell out of their men. Its usually the one’s who don’t think they do it that are the most guilty. Space is like a light switch. There is a time when it needs to be on (giving space) and off (getting close). What do you think ?

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4 Responses to Standing by your side

  1. QuoteKey says:

    LMAO @ “slight pat on the butt to show my gratitude”. You men and your P.D.A. lol

    1. Just want to say that you two are beautiful together! I’ll pray for continued blessings to you both. :o)

    2. Space is sooooooooooo important. I enjoy mine and usually get turned off when it is being invaded! I think you said it best when compared it to a light switch. I will probably put that sentence in my piggy bank of quotes.

  2. D. Parrish says:

    Lol! No Its not PDA, more like PDSH – Public Display of Sexual Harassment! Lol!

  3. Just what truly motivated you to write “Standing by your side | THE LEFT
    SIDE”? I reallycertainly enjoyed reading the post!
    Regards ,Karla

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