Cover: I’m a Nobody–Too

So like T. Odis of the Left Side Poets I have been recording my words.
My Literary Mixtape, I’m a Nobody-Too will be available 8/2/2011 on
The Literary Mixtape includes 6 sampled tracks from Ice Cube, Whiteney Houston, Nas, The Roots, ect and one original track by produced by Dominic Smallwood alumnus of Hampton University with Razor B of the Atlanta, Ga band Bye Bye Love live on the electric guitar.

So I just wanted to share the cover with everyone. Art work by Myke Johnson and Graphic Design by Tad Michael (


About svelvetnoose

S. Velvet Noose, born Stefano S. Patton, is a literary and film artist. His work is perverse, challenging, and provocative. As a Gay-African American, Noose writes un-apologetically, often taking multiple genres and forms of writing to construct new literary art. His genres of writing include satire, gender performance/studies, and grim fantasy. His influences range from Paul Laurence Dunbar, James Weldon Johnson, Langston Hughes, Spike Lee, Grace Jones, Thomas Glave, Octavia Butler and Adrienne Kennedy.
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