The Evolution of Love

The Evolution of Love

Father Son Holy Spirit Father Son Holy
Spirits rest inside my womb
This is the birthplace of ancient civilizations
But I bring you back to present times

I was told that you were a present of mine
But what gift makes you sick every morning?
Your third month of life and I already felt what I thought
Was the wrath of a Black Man.

Fighting to abort you
But divine intervention always contrived otherwise
Subconsciously tapped into my third eye and at 6 months
I started to anticipate your greatness.

At 9 months you were similar to Moses
Just as he parted the Red Sea
You embarked on an exodus into this maleficent world
Yet you truly loved me inside out

So, I named you Tre T-R-E
Symbolizing nothing less than completion
His holy spirits embodies you
And of his image you will sojourn in this mortal form as his son.

And as his son he will test you
Your skin is black because you tried to journey into the sun toward you rightful home
But was burned because he said you are not ready
And on this earth you will stay to guide others to the father enlightening all that Black is heavenly.

Lies and untruths, stories have been misused
Painted pictures of white African Kings
Bloody backs paid for the lies they’ve fabricated
But God never said the way to him would be easy.

To them you are expendable
So they sit you in the back with the “Black Boy” backpack
No #2’s, hard candy or a spelling quiz,
Just 9’s, nose candy and a target list…

Unbeknownst to you as your fellow God ordained Kings.

Now some will fall
Others may perish
Many should follow
But all remain Kings, ready to march and proclaim their dreams.

And life continues, now you as a father
Guiding your son, promising always to lead
Never to leave, willing to make footsteps in the sand as you carry your child, as he did you
This is your charge, and never shall you forsake thee.

Teach your seed that Black is a beautiful thing
But do not forget that he is also perceived as dangerous, just as you were
Teach him that they fear his strength
Blood atonement for the societal debt they say you’ve made.

Remind him that you are the architects of this world
Because of the omniscience of God
All are his children, but dare I say Black is his favorite color
The proof is in the love used to paint us in so many ways.

Shed external tears for the pain of our beautiful Queens
Prove to him that only he can love her in the way she needs
Point him towards 1Kings 2:19 to the wisest man in history
Show him that even Solomon, honored his mother Bathseba after he became King.

Father Son Holy Spirits Father Son Holy
Spirits rest inside my womb.
This is the birth place of royalty.
Pouring praises unto thee while screaming DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR of my Black Kings.

So our Father who art in heaven, hollowed be thy name
Thank you for allowing me to carry, to teach, to love this precious gift
Strong, Black and Beautiful, a special trinity ordained by you.
Never will I leave my Black Men, because Lord Jesus that means I left you.


I think I want this in the next book… What say you?



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2 Responses to The Evolution of Love

  1. svelvetnoose says:

    Isn’t this the one you did with Simone?

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