Stripping (a freewrite)

so i live around like 10 strip clubs
i mean, not on purpose
it just kinda happened,
i promise it was a conicidence.
i’ve since met several,
well, strippers.

the first of which is My next door neighbor
who works hours
opposite of mine
with blonde hair
peach blonde hair
that you can taste before you see
skin purple as a plum
and a disposition sweeter than compton kool-aid
she seems ok with the cards life has dealt her

i walked out of my apt one morning
ready to tackle my work day
only to witness one woman being forcibly walked to her house by her shirtless boyfriend
both battling back at each other with stories
aimed at me
she claims battery
he claims xanax
i ponder my missed bus at work
what kind of coward am i to consider
passing those who need help

there’s this one girl on my bus
with body of a gazelle
legs long as summer solstice
skin glistens like pixie dust
and always has her hair ballerina bunned to the back of her head
she nods when there is no music
dances like no one is watching
and looks like she could dance on the wind
i peeked in her purse
and saw her six inch dancing shoes
hiding in a corner

my other neighbor
is a scantily clad waitress at night
stare too close at her boobs and you’ll be blinded
but her smile has plans of retiring from bars
and relocating to the face of a grandmother
with ten stories for every tooth that shows
through her painted lips
and i wonder
if this is where beautiful women
with shitty cards of life come to make their living
what in the hell am i doing here?

does that make me
a beautiful woman
with shitty cards of life?

some nights i wonder if they took off
if they can smell my green from the other side of

our non sound proofed barrier
if they can hear me blast my beats
over the ringing in their ears
from men who get too close
and yell too loud
i wonder why God has led me here

i am no strip club savior
i too strip for dollars
stand on stages with strangers staring at me
ladies licking their lips
like i am some lyrical last supper
waiting for me to bear my soul
hoping that one of my lines is coated with enough

to make their wet thoughts a little bit sweeter
when all i desire to do
is shed the items that tie my frame to gravity

maybe we all have something in common


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