Love Conversation

Just performed this at my first erotic poetry night! Comments/criticism are greatly appreciated.

“Love Conversation”

The light turned down its volume
While our favorite song interjected
The locked door promised to keep our secret

You greeted me
With fingertips on my cheek
Graduating down to
Teasing thighs

I sighed…

Exhaling tension and
Inhaling all of your attention

Our lips collaborating against four walls
Arms eavesdropping
To hear our whispers and moans

Clothes proved unnecessary,
So we stripped down to our
Rawest language

Your hands communicate
In ways I can’t even express
When talking to myself

You stop.

Eyes speaking for themselves
As they linger on my second pair of lips
Yet wet with words

Your knees give way
Our lips now parallel

You speak volumes
Loud and vibrant
Against my thighs
So articulate
And determined
To leave your message on me

Received in broken praises and curses
Sharing shivers with my spine
Tasting my surrender
With each tremble

I am now

As you rise to meet my eyes
Fingertips on flushed cheeks
You speak once more:

“I’m glad we had a chance to talk.”

**Inspired by this song:


About lovecrescendo

25. Published poet. Living in truth.
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3 Responses to Love Conversation

  1. Courtney says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

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  3. The Running Divatarian says:

    Lawd! *passes out*

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