A Writer’s Decree

Sometimes, I wonder what it means to be a writer. We all write on the regular basis. Whether it’s writing checks or notes to ourselves or any other reasoning behind written communication, we all do it. But to claim to be a writer is to take that everyday persona to another level. Every thought that comes to mind almost forces your hand to put it to paper (or on a screen but even us writers who only type still speak in the prehistoric terminology).

There’s this sensation we get that makes us want to put our thoughts down, creating permanent memories that we can go back to over and over again. River is notorious for it, taking one of her old journals and perusing through the thoughts of her younger self almost as a reminder to who and what she used to be.

In poetry, we can go back to old pieces and see how we’ve matured within the various elements that come together to create our writing styles. Stefano already doesn’t like three of the five solo pieces he put into Strange Fruit when most strangers would tell him that his pieces were dope.

But that doesn’t matter to Stefano, nor to many other writers. It’s about progression. It’s about maturity. It’s about continuing to take everything we see and hear and creating collections of words that we must first be proud of on our own, and secondly, others will appreciate. Like Terry says, ‘That’s why I write. I write what I see.’

We can’t satisfy the reading and entertainment pleasures of our readers and audiences if we don’t first satisfy our own personal claims to being writers. Everyone writes. We all write on a daily basis. But only a select few of us would write even if it wasn’t a necessary part of our day to day lives. We write because we have to. We have to for our own sanities for writing is who we are. We are writers, nothing more, nothing less. Everything outside of that is just something to write about later…


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2 Responses to A Writer’s Decree

  1. True! Even those that only type still use old terminology!
    Love this post. We are our own worst enemy. If you’re like me, nothing is ever finished. I revise a hundred times and even if I release it to the masses, there’s a chance that I will revise it again.

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