Jessie J. Breaks Down My Walls with her L.O.V.E.

I take pride in knowing that only a handful of people know how I really feel about certain topics. One topic in particular is love. I can count on my hands the amount of people who know my thoughts, desires and standards and that is the way it will stay. In fact, I am the one calling my friends pansies and losers for being too mushy. However, every once in a while I hear a song that just gives me goosebumps and makes me wish I had the vocal abilities to sing and the skills to arrange a beautiful love ballad. <—-This is a big deal since I am the girl that doesn’t want to watch romance movies and would burn all copies of The Notebook is possible. Recent tracks that have made me all mushy gushy include ( but are not limited to):

Paramore: The Only Exception
Beyonce: Rather Die Young, Dance for You & Love on Top
Lady Gaga: You & I
Lenny Kravitz: I Belong to You (Ok, so this is not recent…but it reemerged recently in my itunes)

Anyway, Jessie J has a song on her album that is killing the rest of my mushy gushy favs! First off, Milky can sing her sun thirsty skin off! Go ahead girl. I went looking for a youtube video of the track L.O.V.E. and stumbled on this live performance. L.O.V.E. is just soooo…. Ugh… Just listen:

Wasn’t that great?! She sounds so amazing live. She also seems like a good time. But anyway, don’t you want to sing that to someone special? Every line is so real!!! To know that she wrote this song about a girl just blows me away that much more. To be in love is amazing. However, to be so in love that you don’t even care about what society  or anyone has to say…. that’s beautiful and amazing to another level. ::giggles and covers face:: Ok, enough mushiness for the month. Don’t ask me about this post because I will deny that it exists.

Am I the only one HAPPY that Alicia Keys didn’t get this song??? When she said that in the video I was all THANK YOU BABY EGYPT! Alicia Keys recent attempts at albums suck harder than a hoover. She would have ruined this song for me. Good job Jessie J for keeping this song for yourself!!



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