Colored Ppl’s Time (a REALLY old poem)

I’m tired of
people saying they we always late.

Maybe if they were black, they’d be able to relate.

Now I ain’t gon lie and not say that we don’t need to get better,

It’s just that people focus on the negative, and forget we are innovators,
trend setters.

You see, for me, colored people’s time just exists in the mind.

From strife to life lines, time is only what you make it

Make your CP correct, respect, and never forsake it.

Cuz time will fly leave people high and dry

We gotta stop tryin to rush and touch the sky, and reduce the rush and enjoy
the ride.

Time flies when you having fun, we can learn to ride it

Never be ashamed of your colored people’s time, and never try to hide it.

Cuz MY colored people’s time is a state of mind where my people are prosperous,

Practitioners, and partners, performers and operists,

Operating as surgeons and CEO’s of fortune five’s,

Using our Cp time our advantage and changing other colored people’s lives.

Cuz in the old colored people’s time, we was naked, cold, and stripped.

Sold off on auctioning blocks as slaves, controlled and whipped.

Ripped apart from families, worked, day in, and day out,

Back then, out cp time was spent trapped in hell, tryin to pray out.

Now we try to stay out, the system, where cp time is considered imprisonment.

Places wit rapists, racists, and murderers be livin post sentencin

Now if that ain’t crazy people time, then you tell me what is,

Cuz D.A’s is crazy convicting cats for crimes they never did.

C.P. time done got accelerated, babies is having babies,

Hustlers is spending time on corners, saving for that Mercedes,

Ladies is taken advantage of by niggas chasing figures,

Niggas drunk on C.P. time, tryin to make time pass quicker.

My colored people messed up,

We need to gon and fess up,

So far behind on C.P. time, that we can’t even catch up.

But, I refuse to be robbed of my colored people’s time.

Rich wit history, sick wit oppression, yet my colored people shine.

Maybe they’ll see my light shine and realize the situation.

C.P. time forever, cherish the ride, not the destination.

Be on time yall.



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