Please Don’t Stop the Carnival: Freedom! Freedom? Freedom….

After a brief interview on The Colbert Report I felt a stirring in spirit to learn more about the artist and activist that is Harry Belafonte. I’ve already added his latest book to my amazon wish list: Sophia’s Wish List  (feel free to support a sister and purchase me a book or something. I am trying to build a library. Thanks!) Sure, I know bits and pieces about him but doing a quick youtube search to sing some songs while at work lead me to this:

A shocking parallel to where we are today. This clip was scheduled to air a few weeks after the Democratic convention in 1968 on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour show. However, the clip was pulled by CBS and never aired. Apparently a lot of clips that had “controversial” message was cut from the show. Belafonte is often cited as being outspoken. Is that the case? Could it be that he is just fearless and passionate about his community. What have you done for your community? What risks have you taken? If you’re an artist, what have you used your gifts for?

God Bless America. Right? Freedom! Freedom? Freedom…


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