#Cocaine80s: Ghost Lady EP


Ok, so you know how it feels when you hear some REEEAAAAAALLLLLLYYY GOOD music? Like, so good that you wanna run around and tell everybody to go listen to what you’ve just heard??? Kinda like the Gospel? OK. THAT is what THIS is.

Aight, so Chi-town-hip-hop legend producer NO I.D., emcee Common, and songwriter James Fauntleroy have teamed up to form #Cocaine80s; a group whose sound is a genre-less percussion and guitar driven, hip-hop nod factoring, rich and unique alternative vocals complimenting, ACID TRIP. Each part stays comfortably in their element and contributes their best asset to create very vivid artwork. Honest lyrics by James Fauntleroy puts the icing on this proverbial cake in a short, sweet format: a six-track EP.

This is the second extended play released by the collective since early summer. I don’t know what’s coming down the pipeline from #Cocaine80s, but i really don’t care as long as it is more of the same pure, uncut music they’ll hook listeners with. Check it out HERE. I promise that after you listen, the name will prove fitting.

Spotted at Okayplayer


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