Left Side Journey

how I daydream of your chest’s hypothetical address
And me making a home between your arms…
Because there is no place like home,
which is where the heart is.
And mine is with you


The fun of self publishing, in my opinion, is learning how to promote and network like nobody’s business. It is the entrepreneurship/marketing major in me. I love to be a part of growing something. The more I realize and accept the fact of being a published poet in a BOMB group….the more I really warm up to the idea of growing the “Left Side” brand, if you will. Spinning lots of different plates as a recent graduate/campus ministry intern/owner of many things that break and need attention/ waitress/ poet, though, has definitely had me distracted since the book release in June.

I’m really excited now about pursuing the promotion of what the Left Side Poets have to offer. We are currently in the process of organizing a book signing/open mic at Hampton University in February 2012. Stay tuned for more details on that.

I decided to blog during my break at work 🙂 (which is about over now…I spent the first portion texting everyone I couldn’t during my first shift and facebook-ing of course) Before I sign off, though, I want to share that I sent my mom a poem I wrote her for mother’s day (like 7 months late), and she loved it. She said it was “BEAUTIFUL!!!!” in a text. I delayed in sending it because it was one of those pieces you write, don’t think is so good, then stumble across, let’s say 7 months later…and think is too good to have been written by your own hand. Plus, I’ve never known my mom to be much into poetry. Just taking a shot at the chance of encouraging her, I sent it and held my breath. My response at her response made me feel like a 5 year old haha. But, after not having the best of bonds for many years, I’m unashamed of my rejoicing over this 🙂 mended relationships are so refreshing.

What I find cool these days:
1- spotify….free music. Check it out
2- 2 Corinthians 5
3- psalm 116
4- htc evo which I may be getting for FREE from a friend
5- “types in stereo” YouTube it. You won’t regret it


About lovelyiskey

I'm a disciple of Jesus that happens to write/perform poetry and have a book. I'm a poet that happens to wait tables. I'm a waitress that happens to have a blog. Welcome to my life.
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