Goapele Gives Us a “Dawn” to Remember

Soul singer Goapele made her long-awaited comeback with her recent album, “Break of Dawn” late last year. Six years after the beautifully constructed “Change it All,” she graces us with her airy, yet soulful voice once again. This album is significantly shorter with nine tracks and is just shy of 35 minutes. Without any unnecessary fillers, Goapele remains consistent and true to herself. I’ll break it down track by track.

“Play” – How many songs do you know of that start off with a lion’s roar? That may be a question to ask Google, but I believe this is (and might possibly remain) the only one I know of personally. However, it provides the perfect transition to the song’s sensual message. This is a lady who knows what she wants and how to please her lover. This song is a must on any sexy playlist.

“Tears on my Pillow” – The title says it all, describing the result of her trying to make a relationship work. It’s definitely a heartfelt track.

“Undertow” – This song is about loving despite the possible consequences. The metaphor is beautiful and it instantly became one of my first listen favorites.

“Break of Dawn” – This is a more upbeat version of “Closer.” It’s a must for anyone who needs a little motivation.

“Hush” – It’s a look into a single mother’s dedication to take care of her child. If Goapele doesn’t have kids, I would wonder how she put so much firsthand feeling into a song like this.

“Money” – Basically love trumps money is the theme, but you have to listen to how the emotion is executed. I don’t believe I’ve heard her put so much soul into a track before. It definitely has that old school groove. This is another first listen favorite.

“Pieces” – The stark difference between the previous track and this one is crazy. “Pieces” is somber and ethereal, describing the brokenhearted feeling that is felt after losing someone. Even though I’m far from brokenhearted, this song took me somewhere. You guessed it–another first listen gem.

“Right Here” – I didn’t want to like this song. It sounded like it could be on any R&B album production-wise, but I found myself singing along to the catchy love tune after a couple of listens.

“Milk and Honey” – Goapele introduced this track years ago. It took a while for it to grow on me, but I love it. It portrays the same message as “Play,” but is a faster track with a bit of (actually fitting) autotune. The familiarity was refreshing and was a decent ending to the album.

It’s rare to be able to listen to an album from beginning to end without at least one track skip. There’s a song for everyone, but this album is mostly geared towards the lovers. As the certified Left Side love poet, I give this album 5 hearts.


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2 Responses to Goapele Gives Us a “Dawn” to Remember

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  2. yep. yep. she is the truth. def my fave singer.

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