Greetings from NUSPA Nomination Land!

::peeks into the blog::

Oh hey there… It’s been a while since we spoke, huh? My apologizes. My side job as a ninja fighting the daily battles of Sallie Mae, Chase, AES and Nelnet make it so hard to find time to be a normal human. However, I am back. I am here and ready to draw you back into the world of my brain. There’s so much going on in there and I think I have found the courage to share.

To start, let me take a moment to tell you how truly humbled and honored I am to know that my family has been nominated for a National Underground Spokenword Poetry Award (NUSPA) for poetry book of the year! Whoooo hoooo. For those who do not know, this is pretty much the Grammys for us. So when asked about my feelings towards the nomination, I am filled with so many. To be recognized by a group of peers that you look up is nothing short of amazing. It reminds you that someone is actually listening and reading. Someone, somewhere gets you. It’s a natural high.

When I was told by Ron that we were nominated, I rushed to the website and started spreading the good news. What could be better than this? Well, how about finding out the our brother Karega Bailey was nominated for his own award. Can you smell what Hampton University is cooking??? Karega is doing amazing things right now and you should all take a stroll down his google search page. Show that man some love. He is absolutely one of the nicest, down to earth, most intelligent man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have never once heard anyone utter a bad word about this man. That says a lot about his character. I wish his nothing but success in all of his endeavors.

I just want to thank those that took the time to read our book and get Strange Fruit nominated for a NUSPA. Also, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to vote for us! I hope we win. The Left Side Poets may have been a little quiet as of late but we are slowly getting back into our groove. Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to sharing more of ourselves with you soon.

Love from the Left…



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3 Responses to Greetings from NUSPA Nomination Land!

  1. Chymara Pittman says:

    Congratulations! I read an article about you all sometime ago on the Virginian Pilot. The article mentioned that you had a book published. What was the name of the book and where can I but it? Thank you. Take care.

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