I’ve seen Pinocchio as a real boy,
and he was carved from mahogany.
Eskimo kisses
breathed existence
into this infant of a masterpiece,
brand new to life that’s true
but standing a little shy of 6 feet.

He is not the result
of folklore
passed from European descent
but from somewhere
the sun beats against
the papyrus
on which his life’s story was written.

You can tell his father loves him.
His face is angular in definition.
chisels on his cheeks and chin
but his skin is
smoothe like coffee from the harvest
of his heritage,
from where is father held and
caressed his face
again and again.
Reminding him that the world
“manhood lies in the force of will”
but a true man loves
and treats his enemies as friends.
Don’t forget.
Your strings aren’t so the people make you dance.
They are for reminding you
you can’t do this alone.

The day is coming that the strings will be gone,
but remember where they led.
You can always return home.

Don’t let the people make you dance!
You do not belong to them.
You can show them
how a father and son
can walk in a partnership of love
in an age
where humility has ceased to exist
and every man is a private island.

Remember how to walk,
that it should always be in love.

I saw this perfectly crafted creation
and knew the popular animation
had done him no justice.
Wishing on blue fairies
is just not as enduring
as chiseled strength
covered in love

…..for my new brother, Ron G. May your heart of steel always be soft enough to feel 🙂



About lovelyiskey

I'm a disciple of Jesus that happens to write/perform poetry and have a book. I'm a poet that happens to wait tables. I'm a waitress that happens to have a blog. Welcome to my life.
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2 Responses to Pinocchio

  1. Micthemessenger says:

    Beautiful Poem!!!

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