42:1 (as in, the psalm)

I want to study you so deeply
that when I gaze at my reflection,
I only see your pupil.
Let’s hold hands so fiercely,
my lifeline detours
to fit the contour of yours.
And if I could,
I mean, if you could help me
to overcome this ADD
I inherited from society
so I could focus
to follow you so intently
the only place I could fall
is into your footstep
like Simba following Mufasa…
I would be greatly obliged.
There is nothing about you I don’t love.
And nothing about me I don’t love
when I’m with you.
Even my tears
because then I get to feel you touch my face
just to wipe them away,
and I love that part of me
could possibly
find a home
in the fingerprints
on your fingertips
on your hands.
The hands that create masterpieces
and grant a masterful peace in my heart.
My heart aches for you.



“As the deer pants for streams of water,
    so my soul pants for you, my God”


About lovelyiskey

I'm a disciple of Jesus that happens to write/perform poetry and have a book. I'm a poet that happens to wait tables. I'm a waitress that happens to have a blog. Welcome to my life.
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One Response to 42:1 (as in, the psalm)

  1. Horace says:

    Simply amazing! As your #1 fan, I sit at the edge of my seat waiting for the next entry and this one brings that’s scripture to life on an I intimate level that is well appreciated! I don’t FEEL naturally so words help me make the connection. Excellent piece!

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