Screw You Glee for Making Me Cry… Again.

I am a Gleek. However, even if I weren’t… This is by far one of the best song covers ever done on the show. Sure, the story line helped to add to emotion (and my tears) but even if you have never seen the show you have to love this:

When Teenage Dream first hit the scene it was a fun and exciting song about that special love that we all hope to have.  I loved the song! Then Glee got its awesome little hands on the track. This cover by Blaine (Darren Criss) completely rips the rug from under your happy place. It’s gut wrenching and painful to watch. The tone of the song is changed and now all I can do is think about how hurt I was after losing the love of my life. Every emotion resurfaced such as that feeling of the wind being knocked out of me when I remembered that those happy moments are no more.

I remember watching this episode and reliving my first semester of college. The story line was my life! Sort of. Ok not really, but it was similar enough. I was fresh off of a bad break up with my first true love while being a freshman at Hampton University. We were working out the logistics of trying to be friends, living life without our other half attached to our hips, the death of his mother and realizing that life as we knew it was never going to be the same. I spent weeks being homesick, missing him and unknowingly mourning the loss of my childhood. A new life had begun and I had to find a way to cope with it all. Years passed, new loves happened, and I moved on. I no longer spend every moment of every day wondering if he thinks about me. Instead, I wish him well and hope that his current lady provides everything that he needs. I am in a better place….until certain songs come on. Then I have a momentary relapse. Ex-Factor is almost always the culprit. How Could You Call Her Baby by Shanna is a strong second and Glee’s version of Teenage Dream has officially rounded out the top three. Great.

Well now that I have successfully blogged my way into a full-blown momentary depression… I will end it here. Feel free to join me by letting me know which songs completely break you down.



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2 Responses to Screw You Glee for Making Me Cry… Again.

  1. Anonymous... Its Corin... Im not ashamed of my Glee Knowledge... Anonymous says:

    Bro… I listen to that version of Teenage Dream and The Scientist at least three times a day. This is Glee’s second rendition of the song. Blaine sang it with the Warblers when Kurt first came to visit Dalton which makes it 30 times more heartwrenching.

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