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The Left Side Poets Present: Strange Fruit  Reviews & Interviews

We want to personally thank everyone who has taken the time to read, review and discuss Strange Fruit. Below you will find a taste of what has been said about our book. Don’t be shy and click the links so you can read the full reviews!

“The Left Side Poets are like the Wu-Tang Clan of poetry with each member possessing their own skill and style.”

“The poems of The Left Side Poets range from thought provoking, witty, inspirational, and complex…”


 “A delicious read from cover to cover. These brothers and sisters put it down in a style that is all their own. Lovers of the written word are in for a treat.”

Steven J. Gaither Author of Lust, Lies and Justice, coming fall 2011 

“…a wonderful outpouring of raw emotions via clever writing…beautifully presented to tug at heart strings as well as enlighten lost souls…it seeks to empower the reader with a clever menagerie of moments that evoke thought as well as provide a vehicle for creative thinking…I highly recommend this collection to avid spoken word fans and those who simply need it to get through the day…I am proud to say, get yourself a slice of Strange Fruit.”

Michael Guinn International Spoken Word Artist, Author, Speaker and Founder/Slam Master of Ft. Worth Poetry Slam Team

“The book literally had something for all the different palettes of poetry enthusiasts. Whether your taste was political, religious, witty, hip hop or family oriented, somber, humorous, reflective, or what have you, they had it covered. There was no rock left unturned. I especially enjoyed the fact that there were collaborative pieces on page throughout the body of work. That was something I hadn’t seen before and the Left Side Poets pulled it off wonderfully. Some pieces in the book you could tell were performance driven pieces but they still manage to transferred almost seamlessly to the page which is not always an easy feat.”

Rasheed Copeland 2010 NUSPA Award Winner, Best Performance Male, Graffiti DC Coordinator and Member of 2010 and 2011 Washington D.C. Busboys & Poets 11th Hour National Slam Team 

“…I was in awe…This book is a collection of experiences and declarations, amazingly timeless. Provoking thought on sexuality and racism as well as the bliss of first loves and favorite songs. The Left Side Poets took it there! From social oppression to finally arriving while yet remembering the path to which the way was won, it’s a journey relived. An excursion of words divided under one roof. Nine minds vowed one oath to speak truth, though painful, yet colorfully written….I came alive in this book. I was corrected and reprimanded in these pages. I found a purpose and a praise here with strangers baring fruit…”

A. Comeaux Founder, Write One Publishing, LLC

“The Left Side Poets have created a provocative book of poetry, Strange Fruit, that consists of controversial topics such as politics and race, and at times makes us feel like falling in love. Each poet has his or her own voice that leaves a piercing echo after every piece. The Left Side Poets’ usage of lyrical puns is brilliant along with their literary usage of repetition. Laced with old and new school Hip Hop allusions, Strange Fruit will leave readers on the edge as they will be drawn into each well told story.”

Imani Carter English teaching assistant, Hampton University

“With monopoly like art that correlates to each author, [Strange Fruit] takes you through a mini-journey of each poet’s work. Covering everything from not-dating-barbies, revolution, Virginia trees and group pieces to pay homage to the group, it’s definitely worth the gander.”

Erica “Riva” Buddington English Teacher, Writer and Spoken Word Artist,

“…In less than one hundred pages, Strange Fruit, gives us 9 poets and about 52 poems of raw, unadulterated, nostalgic content. This collection represents the art of life; it is politically poetic, as it is also personably poetic. The joy, hope, love, despair, and freedom are carefully laced into the stanzas of every poem. Strange Fruit gifts readers with an array of poetry, in addition, it provides an eclectic, and exceptional culture of lyrical substance that will enchant readers and inspire poets abroad…” 

“Strange Fruit is the best compilation of poetry I have read. In one word, it’s POWERFUL.  English professors should be using this book when they teach their courses. I would have loved to have been able to study a book like this in college. In fact, Strange Fruit brought the English major out in me. I was immediately in my purse looking for a pen to note stellar stanzas and lines, note alliteration and identify my favorite parts to share with you.”


“Group collaborations and single efforts give way to an eclectic bag of rhymes. There are verses of love, life, loss and everything in between, something for everyone.” 

“With The Left Side Poets, there is a poet for everybody. They all agree that what sets “Strange Fruit” apart from other poetry books is that each poet has their own eclectic style, but at the same time, when they collaborate, they work perfectly together.”

Brittney Fennell, Fearless Magazine

“…the book, for lack of a better term, is dope. Poetry and spoken word have always been two crafts foreign to my talents, yet simultaneously commanded respect from my on-looker’s frame of reference. Strange Fruit was sent to me a few weeks ago and while I have not read the entire piece, I have knocked out a huge chunk. Seen inside the work is collection of stories meshing into detail the trials, tribulations, highs and lows of young 20 something African-American men and women. The imagery and street-corner political realism in Martin Tucker’s “Slingin’ O’s” and the heavy hitting group collectives “N-Words” and “HairStory” alone make S.F. worth the investment.”

Justin Tinsley, The Smoking Section

“The first time I read, “The Left Side Poets Present: Strange Fruit” I was tired in many ways, mostly emotional. Tired of looking for ways to express myself, listening to the same songs and writing the same empty sentences in my journal and like many, I was pretty sure no one could actively capture my feelings for me. But the nine artists who make up ‘The Left Side Poets’ surprised me with page after page of raw emotion, brutal honesty and beautiful vulnerability. There was something beyond wonderful about being assured that our generation still has forward thinking minds and fearless voices that we are not afraid to use.”

EDGE Magazine


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