T. Odis does Indy!!!!!

So it’s been about 45 years since i’ve posted. And that sucks. But i been busybusybusy, which is good. Black men being legally busy is always good for the economy, and society in general. I don’t feel that bad anymore. Anyways, one of the last things i did and actually finished was complete a mini road trip from Dallas, TX to Indianapolis, IN to do a show. I wasn’t alone; I had my lil bro Sleepy (who is also a killer poet) and my homeboy Rob D (who is a BEAST with the Canon AND a beast poet). Rob shot a good portion of the trip and VOILA, MAGIC (i’ve always wanted to say that) we got video, son!!!

So watch it below! The video talks about Sleepy and I’s ties to Indy, our poetic origins, and also delves into my experiences as an aspiring poet and architect (my day career). Feedback is always appreiciated, and thank you for watching via The Left Side!

Still Spitting Forever,

T. Odis

Blow Up Before the World Do


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