‘The Good, The Bad and The Rest of Us’ EP: A Sample

Hi. I say it like that because I haven’t written on here in awhile. I hope all you fine folks are doing well, enjoying life and writing when it hits you. But um, S. Velvet Noose and T. Odis aren’t the only ones in the LSP who can put together an album. Yours truly will be dropping his first spoken word EP entitled, ‘The Good, The Bad and The Rest of Us’ on Dec. 13. I’m having an album release party in San Diego on the same night and it promises to be a momentous occasion with friends coming from as faraway as Boston to partake in the festivities. But since the anticipation has been a lowkey problem for both myself and others, I decided that I’d drop a joint early just so folks can have an idea of what they’ll be getting into once they cop the full EP. This one is called ‘An Ode To My Pen’ and no, it was not a poem in ‘Strange Fruit’ =) Take care, enjoy and keep scribin’.

R. Preston Clark aka Ron Ton Soup

An Ode To My Pen by R. Preston Clark off ‘The Good, The Bad and The Rest of Us’ EP


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